Still getting my head around blogging !

Dare I say I’m getting the hang of it? Mmm, don’t know, maybe, sort of, I say to myself while still trying to figure out what and how to use widgets.

The whole purpose of trying something new was to see how many people find life, has been and is, getting more hectic as we get older and hearing how they deal with life stresses and coping mechanisms.

You may wonder what on earth I’m talking about, so briefly ( I’ll talk more depth as I feel confident with writing). I lost my brother several years ago and instantly felt responsible for my parents. My husband, mum, dad and I decided between us that our garage would make a nice bungalow for them, of which it is. Dad died suddenly leaving us to look after mum. Bless her she can’t drive so is totally reliant on us. Although she’s fairly independent there’s lots of things to help with such as collecting post, emptying rubbish, shopping and various appointments as she gets older. Then, when you think the kids are settled one of them leaves their home and arrives with rather a lot of unforeseen baggage. Nothing that can’t be sorted. Then with trying to work, look after the house seeing the other children and grand children the year has gone, we’ve survived Christmas and here it is fast approaching again.

All in all I believe that there’s a positive outlook to most things and maybe it keeps me young and active. Although, I’m not immune from an anxiety I don’t recognise, sleepless nights and frustration, in fact, the hardest part is staying calm on the outside while being about to burst into self combustion on the inside.

Published by denannpop

I graduated in July after 3 years of juggling work, an elderly parent and a daughter returning home. Then there's a husband, a dog and two cats. I turned 60 in September, hectic, yes but I did it 😁.

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